Artist –Juama Plensa

The sculptures first debuted In February of 2011.The sculptures are made of beautiful stainless-steel mesh. Each sculpture is comprised of letters, symbols and numbers from different languages including English, Greek, Hindi, Chinese, Arabic, Cyrillic, Hebrew and Latin. Although the sculptures are beautiful to look at, what they represent ismuch more significant. The seven statues celebrate both the similarities and uniqueness of our human experience.They sit on seven boulders, representing our seven continents. This art piece is both meaningful and beautiful to look at. During the day the 10-foot statues look stuning and at night the statues glow from lights placed in their base. Making time to stop along Harmony walk is a must do for anyone seeking fine art.

“Despite all of the many differences that make us unique, such as religion or language, we are all trying to achieve similar things, such as love, health, prosperity, and the success of our children.” – Juama Plensa

(Nov. 10, 2013) “Be Illuminated at Tolerance” Retrieved from 365thingstodoinhouston.co
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