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Success in selling real estate

Selling real estate is one of the largest transactions that most people will take part in. Unfortunately, a lot of those people will fail miserably, for various reasons…Don’t lose! Be a winner, like me!
The allure of real estate failure is strong, here are some key steps of how to break away, and take your success to the bank!

5 Step Selling Guide to Success:
1. Hire a F!@#$N Agent! This is #1 for a reason, if you are not an expert, THEN HIRE ONE. I can’t stress that enough. Onward we go!

2. Make sure you hire a good agent. A good agent has a plan/process and they can show you their plan/process. A mediocre to bad agent does not. They’re just going to “hope and pray”. Although hoping and praying works for some, but it’s not the best strategy for buying and selling real estate.

3. Price your home correctly. I can’t stress this enough. This is soooo important! You have full control of the price, not the agent. Ask to see comparable homes, look at their pictures and make an honest assessment of your own home compared to them. DON’T LIE to yourself. Only person that hurts, is you.

4. Clean up your house and cut your grass. This might sound obvious…right? Think again, messy homes/yards are terrible first impressions for potential buyers. The first place they usually see your mess, is via online photos. You have to get buyers into the door before they buy, having a messy house, with messy photos is only going to attract investors. They’ll buy, and with cash…but not the cash you want!

5. BE REASONABLE! Surprisingly, sellers lose more buyers this way, than any other way (no stats on this, just experience). EVERYONE thinks their home is worth more than what it is, and everyone thinks they are going to receive multiple offers. Trust your agent, be reasonable, they’ll guide you towards the best route possible. Work with them, take their advice, some things are very small in comparison to the big picture (like the $150 Title Company Doc Prep fee. BE REASONABLE.

– Jeremy Roberts